Our Awards - Campos Coffee

Our Awards

Over the years, Campos Coffee has been lucky enough to receive industry recognition for our coffees. Here are some of our most recent awards:

2019 Sydney Royal Show

GOLD Colombia La Negrita (espresso)
SILVER Peru El Romerillo (espresso)
BRONZE Colombia Rodriguez (espresso)
BRONZE Superior (espresso)
BRONZE Superior (latte)
BRONZE Roma Espresso (latte)

2020 Golden Bean Awards

GOLD Costa Rica Altamira (filter)
GOLD Panama Super Mario (filter)
BRONZE Guatemala Granada (filter)
BRONZE Colombia La Negrita (filter)
BRONZE Panama Jaramillo (filter & espresso)
BRONZE Blade Runner (filter)
BRONZE Dark City (milk)
BRONZE Superior (milk & espresso)
BRONZE Panama Super Mario (espresso)
BRONZE Ethiopia Dimtu (espresso)