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our history

1:40pm, Saturday, 12th July 1997

That was the day when in a small café in the backstreets of Sydney, Will Young had a life changing moment. Up until this day, he had known coffee only to be a generic scalding liquid that you drank to cure tiredness – something endured more out of necessity than pleasure. But this cup was different. It was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. It had a depth of flavour that was rich and complex and had an aroma that made him giddy with delight.  This was a vastly superior experience.  By the time the cup was empty, he knew life would be different. From that day forward, he decided to devote his life to coffee.

On his first visit to a coffee growing origin, he had his second epiphany. It was there he saw the power and immense potential that coffee had to transform lives and communities. What started as a delicious cup of coffee in Newtown was now a heartfelt mission to create more good in the world.

Fast forward to today – and many cups of coffee later – we now have 7 flagship Campos Coffee cafes, roasteries in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and an amazing network of partner cafes across Australia. We have at least one social project in each region we buy from. We’ve built a school building in Papua New Guinea. We’ve purchased a large tractor for a coffee farming co-op in Kenya and built hundreds of drying beds. We’ve been major funders in Open Heart – a program that sends Australian heart surgeons to Rwanda to perform lifesaving operations on children that would otherwise have no access to cardiovascular specialists. We are major supporters of a school building project in Ethiopia to house 1000 students and a school library in El Salvador. These are just some of the many social projects we’re proud to have played a part in.