July 2017 - Guatemala Nacimiento - Campos Coffee

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"July 2017 - Guatemala Nacimiento"
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July 2017 – Guatemala Nacimiento

Coffee of the Month

The Guatemala Nacimiento is a beautifully balanced coffee, with an aroma filled with roasted almonds and a cup rich in flavours of ripe plum, dark chocolate and raisins. The complexity of the coffee emerges once cooled, with a crisp lingering finish of juicy tropical fruits.

Campos Coffee have no better friends in Guatemala than the Vides family, who are third generation farmers having owned Finca La Bolsa since 1956. We last visited Renardo and his mum Maria in May, and over the last 4 years have seen first-hand the hard-work and investment put into cultivating consistently high quality coffee now known throughout the Specialty Coffee world.

It is this very dedication that has earned Finca La Bolsa #2 place in past Guatemala Cup of Excellence competitions. Finca La Bolsa is named after the river that runs through it and is a 105 acre estate nestled between two mountains in the lush region of La Libertad, Huehuetenango, close to the Mexico border. We share common values with Finca La Bolsa centred around our central philosophy of ‘Quality Coffee Cultivated by Good’. The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified and is committed to improving livelihoods through a school built for children of farm workers. The Vides family also work tirelessly to protect their natural resources, using hydroelectricity from the very river that gives the farm its name. Please enjoy the delicious taste of Guatemala Nacimiento!

The Cup

Flavour Cherry, Plum Jam

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