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How To Brew: Moccamaster

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The Moccamaster is an automated pour over system that is capable of brewing larger amounts of filtered coffee, otherwise more generally referred to as a batch brewer.

Perhaps not as romantic or as stylish as other techniques but capable of equally as good results with less of the fuss!

What you’ll need

  • 45g medium grind coffee
  • 720g filtered water at room temperature (plus more for rinsing)
  • Moccamaster
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon


  1. Insert filter paper into brewer.   
  2. Fill water reservoir to 4, activate brewer with flow control closed.
  3. Once filter is fully soaked, open flow control to heat and rinse carafe.
  4. Empty rinse water.
  5. Fill reservoir to level 6 with water, fill brewer with 45g of freshly ground coffee.
  6. Activate brewer and start timer with flow control closed.
  7. At water level 4, gently stir surface of the brew with six strokes.
  8. Open flow control to full.
  9. At water level 2, stir with another six strokes.
  10. Adjust grind size to suit total brew time of 4-5 minutes.