September 2017 - Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate - Campos Coffee

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"September 2017 - Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate"
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September 2017 – Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate

Coffee of the Month

This month’s coffee of the month is one that is now Campos family: The Baroida Estate. Excellent as an espresso and to be enjoyed black or with milk. We’re tasting notes of juicy black cherries and rich caramel fudge followed be a well-rounded, syrupy mouthfeel.

The farm is owned and operated by the industrious and benevolent Colbran Family. We first started working with the Colbrans back in 2009 and, being so close geographically, we have been able to visit them very regularly throughout the years.

One of the many reasons we choose to work directly with Nichol and Chris Colbran is the huge role they play in improving the local infrastructure and supporting the surrounding community by providing local services including bridges, schools and roads. At Baroida Estate, Campos has funded an entire school building for 68 children. Now, rather than trekking for 2 hours every day to school, these children have access to excellent education right at their doorstep. This coffee is no better example of our ‘quality coffee cultivated by good’ philosophy. Not only does it taste incredibly delicious, but it’s bettering the lives of the communities which cultivated it. For more information about our Baroida Estate Project, visit our YouTube channel or

Our Guest Taster

Tanya Hall
Blogger, Australian Foodie

Our guest taster this month is food blogger and journalist, Tanya Hall. Her blog, Australian Foodie, hunts down and reviews the greatest restaurants, cafes and bars Australia has to offer. She previously hosted a regular segment on 612ABC Brisbane, and dished up dining advice for BMag (Queensland’s former largest fortnightly publication).

Upon tasting the Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate, Tanya was surprised at how similar coffee cupping is to wine tasting. In particular, she was surprised at how the avours develop and change as the coffee cools. An avid coffee drinker, Tanya brews at home using a Moccamaster and loves exploring

new coffees.
On the initial aroma of the Baroida

Estate she detected hazelnuts and nougat. In the cup, she discovered avours of dark chocolate, gooseberry and cherry, with a solid, long-lasting mouthfeel. “There’s a lot happening in this one little cup!” she said.

The Cup

Flavour Dark chocolate, Gooseberry, Cherry
Aroma Nougat, Hazelnuts, Sweet
Acidity and body Light malic acidity, Long-lasting mouthfeel, Full body