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How To Brew: Stovetop

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The Stovetop Coffee brewer (aka Moka Pot, or Bialetti) is a staple of many Australian homes. A darling of the coffee industry for its old-world charm and simplicity.  It produces a viscous, denser (stronger) coffee. Very Italian in style and pairs very well with milk.


  1. Using coffee ground for stovetop fill the filter basket so it is level at the top
  2. Fill the water reservoir to just below the safety valve.
  3. Place the filter basket into the water reservoir and screw in the top brew chamber.
  4. Place on your stove (preferably the smallest burner)
  5. Allow to brew at medium heat setting.
  6. Once you hear a hissing/gurgling sound remove from heat and serve (ideally with Biscotti).

Pro Tips

  • Fill the base with water off the boil for better flavour results (Watch out! The base is very hot! Use a tea towel or oven mitts to hold.)
  • Use freshly ground coffee for best flavour.
  • After removing from heat, run the base under cold water to stop the brewing process. This will reduce bitterness.
  • Dilute with hot water to make a long black consistency.
  • Use heated milk frothed with a plunger. Added to the coffee, the results are much like you can achieve from espresso machines.