Jan 2017 - Panama Elida Estate - Campos Coffee

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"Jan 2017 - Panama Elida Estate"
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Jan 2017 – Panama Elida Estate

Coffee of the Month

We couldn’t be more happy to kick off Coffee of the Month 2017 with the Panama Elida Estate. This delicious coffee opens with sumptuous dried fig aromas that are complimented by flavour notes of red grape and hibiscus. It then evolves into this creamy, full-bodied coffee that will linger well after the last sip!

Elida Estate is now well and truly part of our coffee vernacular after the Tree-Dried Geisha release late last year. In addition to that spectacular geisha lot, we also secured several bags of a traditional Elida lot (as we have in the past). The Elida Estate is grown, picked and processed in the same Baru Volcano National Park location as the tree-dried geisha lot. The low overnight temperatures combined with fog and mist during the dry season allow for the development of incredible complexity in the cup. Coffee trees in this part of the world can take up to 2 or 3 years longer to produce than average.

Campos has a long and close relationship with the Lamastus Family, the owners of Elida Estate. Each visit with Wilford Junior and Wilford Senior we are reminded of how passionate this family is about their coffee, and about all coffee in general. On this trip we invited our good friend, Darren Fittler, aka the Blind Taster. Darren’s dream was to join us on a coffee sourcing expedition and this started in Panama. Talk about starting on the pointy end of the quality pyramid!  Wilford held a fantastic tour where he shoved Darren’s hands into all the coffees, across the processing equipment, the trees and even into the soil. Combined with the aromas of the coffees on the tasting table, this would be a sensory smorgasbord for a blind foodie like Darren!

Our Guest Taster

Rafael Ruiz
Founding Editor, Travlifestyle.com

Lending his taste buds to the cupping table this month is esteemed Sydney lifestyle blogger Rafael Ruiz from ‘Travel & Lifestyle’. Rafael is a passionate storyteller and an avid traveller. After 13 years in the corporate world, he decided to channel his passions into the popular blog Travlifestyle.com, and now Rafael travels the world reporting lifestyle news and reviewing the latest restaurants and bars.

Rafael came to Campos HQ hot off a trip to South-East Asia with Tourism Thailand, where he was introduced to coffee, served on street stalls with carnation milk. But he prefers his coffee back home, where he begins each day with an espresso and ends with a macchiato. Rafael prefers his coffee in the purest form, and says is always best served ‘black’.

Rafael really threw himself into the Campos cupping experience and described the Panama Elida Estate as being delicate, light and vibrant. He immediately detected notes of dried fig, followed by nectarine, peach and lemon. He described a syrupy mouthfeel with a lingering aftertaste and citrus and apple acidity. We think he nailed it!

The Cup

Flavour Nectarine, Red Grapes, Lemon
Aroma Dried Fig, Floral, Peach
Acidity and body Syrupy mouthfeel, Lingering aftertaste, Citrus and apple acidity