Feb 2017 - Colombia Rodriguez Ospina - Campos Coffee

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"Feb 2017 - Colombia Rodriguez Ospina"
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Feb 2017 – Colombia Rodriguez Ospina

Coffee of the Month

Bright, sweet and loaded with black grape, toffee and dried fruit. This is one of those classic Andean-grown coffees that continue to earn Colombia its stripes for excellent specialty coffee!

The coffees from the Rodriguez Ospina family just get better with each season. Located in the picturesque hills around Palestina, South Huila, this area is producing some of our favourite coffees out of Colombia.  We first struck up a friendship with Linarco Rodriguez when we began working with him through a larger group of producers around three years ago, and have since seen the quality of his coffee soar to even greater heights. As one of the humblest, kindest farmers we’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, Linarco attributes the farm’s success to the hard work of the Rodriguez Ospina family. A family-run farm for 37 years, today it is managed by Lino himself alongside his mother, sister and young nephew. The whole family is extremely proud of their relationship with Campos Coffee, and being a family-focused business ourselves, we couldn’t be prouder to work with them!

We believe that with increased quality in the cup, the farmer should receive an increase in price. This is just one of the ways we incentivise farmers to put in the hard yards to achieve excellent coffees that present the unique characteristics of their origin. We’re also pleased to add, bags sold of Colombia Rodriguez Ospina contribute towards the Farmer Education Program called PECA, an origin-based education program for small-holder coffee farmers.

Our Guest Taster

Cameron Cansdell
2016 Australian Young Restaurateur of the Year

Our honorary guest taster this month is the 2016 Australian Young Restaurateur of the Year, Cameron Cansdell, who drove down from his critically-acclaimed restaurant, Bombini, to taste the Colombia Rodriguez Ospina.

Given Cameron’s passion and experience with food, we were keen to garner his take on what we think is an excellent Colombian coffee. He was immediately drawn to the aroma of the Rodriguez Ospina, comparing it to “baking in the kitchen” and describing aromas of vanilla, dried fruits and spice. When it came to taste, he likened it to “honey brioche”, describing notes of almond and pecan, red grape acidity with a crisp mouthfeel. He felt it would make a “good morning coffee” and when asked what food he would pair this coffee with, suggested “Stewed fruit and granola…” or “…a rich brioche pastry with cinnamon and walnuts.”

Cameron was extremely interested in learning how our coffees are produced, roasted and brewed, while we were thrilled to discover he runs his restaurant according to sustainable practices.

The Cup

Flavour Almond, Pecan, Honey Brioche
Aroma Spice, Vanilla, Sweet Pastries
Acidity and body Ripe Red Grape, Crisp Mouthfeel, Well rounded