Campos' Coffee of the Month May 2017 - Brazil Sitio Santana Cup of Excellence Lot #4

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May 2017 – Brazil Sítio Santana

Coffee of the Month

Tip your cup for bright notes of blackcurrant, cola and red crisp apple, followed by a mouthwatering, lingering fruitiness.

It’s a wonderful time for Brazil coffee right now, and we’re delighted to release yet another winner from the latest Cup of Excellence competition in the region. Will was blown away with Sítio Santana when he tasted it at the recent competition (where he wore two hats as both a judge and the of cial rep for the Alliance of Coffee Excellence). This phenomenal coffee scored an impressive 89.26
 at the cupping table and ranked number 4 in the Brazil Pulped Naturals category.

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We were over the moon when we secured the winning bid for this incredible coffee, and there was no question Sítio Santana would be released as our Coffee of the Month for May. This accolade is a major victory for farmer Marconi Silva Santana, who grows his coffee on a small farm in the Chapada Diamantina region of Brazil. Campos is a big supporter of the Cup of Excellence, a not-for- pro t program that discovers and rewards specialty coffee producers and ensures they fetch the best possible prices for high quality coffee.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, generating around 45% of the world’s coffee. Out of that 45%, Sítio Santana is sitting at the very tip of the quality pyramid. Of 220,000 coffee farms, this incredible coffee is in the top 4. Enjoy!

The Cup

Flavour Blackcurrant, Cola, Red Crisp Apple