November 2017 - Geisha Heirloom Blend - Campos Coffee

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"November 2017 - Geisha Heirloom Blend"
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Geisha Heirloom Blend Coffee

November 2017 – Geisha Heirloom Blend

Coffee of the Month

A varietal that has gained prominence and is particularly sought after in recent times is Geisha. However, Geisha has traditionally been reserved for coffee drinkers who enjoy a more alternative Filter-style brew. So we’re super excited to announce as Coffee of the Month our limited release Geisha Heirloom Espresso blend.

For this blend, our roasting team have hand-selected Geisha, then carefully roasted in small batches to get the most flavour from every bean. We have then matched our selection with a complimentary Ethiopian Heirloom varietal to create an exceptionally well-rounded and balanced espresso coffee. This coffee is best enjoyed black or white and we’re tasting notes of succulent white peach, butterscotch, hibiscus with a vibrant fruit finish.

The Geisha varietal shot into prominence in 2004, when one Panamanian farm, Hacienda La Esmeralda entered the ‘Best of Panama’ competition with a Geisha lot. The coffee was so unusual and distinct it attracted an incredibly high price. Since then, Geisha coffee continues to be sought after by Specialty Coffee Roasters worldwide and now Geisha is cultivated by many producers in Central and South America as well as Ethiopia, from where it originates.

Whether it’s your first morning coffee or your after dinner choice, this coffee will suite all espresso occasions, but hurry it is only on a strictly limited release.

Enjoy the Geisha Heirloom Espresso blend by purchasing online.