December 2017 - Kenya Barichu Gatomboya AA - Campos Coffee

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"December 2017 - Kenya Barichu Gatomboya AA"
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Kenya - December 2017 Coffee of the Month

December 2017 – Kenya Barichu Gatomboya AA

Coffee of the Month

December is all about the big, bold flavours of fine Kenya AA coffee.

We are delighted to welcome back one of our most popular single origin coffee’s, the Barichu Gatomboya AA.

This coffee delivers the sweet and juicy flavours that Kenya AA espresso is best known for and we’re tasting clear notes of blackcurrants, burnt fig and raspberries.

We first visited the Barichu cooperative 2 years ago, and this is our fifth release from them. The Barichu cooperative is truly best-in-class and since 1985 it has continuously won awards for producing the highest percentage of top grade coffee in all of the Nyeri region. The Barichu cooperative delivers back to the farmers 95% of the price received for their coffee, which is much higher than the average 82%. Only 5% is taken for operating and marketing costs. This really shows not only the pride of the farmers and their families, but also the incredible coffee quality produced as well. Kenya is a great example of our win:win philosophy on coffee. By transforming communities and doing ‘good,’ we in turn get to drink fantastic quality coffee.

Our recent projects in Kenya have helped over 6000 farmers and their families. Improvements such as new drying beds, upgrading washing tanks and even a tractor to transport beans, which was previously been done on foot, has helped farmers more than triple their earnings. For more information on the great work Campos is doing in Kenya, check out our videos below. You can also now purchase the Kenya Gatomboya AA Single Origin Coffee online.