January 2018 - Burundi Munkaze Cup of Excellence #6 - Campos Coffee

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"January 2018 - Burundi Munkaze Cup of Excellence #6"
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Jan 18 Coffee of the Month Burundi Munkaze

January 2018 – Burundi Munkaze Cup of Excellence #6

Coffee of the Month

It’s been a long time between drinks for Burundi coffee! 2 years in fact.

Introducing the Burundi Munkaze our January 2018 Coffee of the Month. It is a washed bourbon coffee from the Kayanza region in northern Burundi. Burundi Munkaze is a great summer coffee and we’re tasting refreshing notes of Limoncello followed by Christmas cake, dark caramel and finishing with the usual Burundi sticky mouthfeel. Think sticky date pudding…

When we visited Burundi in August we were impressed with the overall standard of coffee quality at this year’s Cup of Excellence competition. The quality in Burundi continues to climb every year. It’s what we love about the Cup of Excellence competitions. Through these not-for-profit competitions, farmers are encouraged to push the envelope on quality and innovation. The champions win payments for their coffee exponentially better than the going market price. Also, the competitions shine a spotlight on this tiny up and coming coffee region which punches way above its weight when it comes to quality.

Burundi has amazing conditions for the production of superb specialty coffee. Much of the coffee is grown above 1800m which enhances the complexity of the cup. The country is also dedicated to growing an heirloom varietal of coffee known as bourbon. Bourbon happens to be one of our all time favourite varietals here at Campos Coffee. Sure, the yield per tree is not the highest, but the sweetness is high in the cup, along with a clean and sticky finish on the palate.

Great for espresso roasts and yummy indeed with milk.

You can purchase the January 2018 Coffee of the Month online.