April 2018 - Kenya Barichu Gaturiri AA - Campos Coffee

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"April 2018 - Kenya Barichu Gaturiri AA"
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Coffee of the Month - April 2018 - Kenya

April 2018 – Kenya Barichu Gaturiri AA

Coffee of the Month

Fresh Kenya coffee is back and this special release is from our favourite Kenyan cooperative Barichu.

Introducing the Barichu Gaturiri AA which was only harvested weeks ago and is as fresh as you’ll find in Australia. It’s no secret we love Kenyan coffee, and when we tasted this coffee in Kenya last month, we just knew we had to get this to you … and quickly. This coffee is at its optimal flavour right now and in this sweet, well-rounded espresso coffee we’re tasting succulent Blackcurrants, rich caramels with a super juicy, balanced finish.

We have a longstanding relationship with the Barichu Co-operative, and every release from Barichu is tasting better and better.

This incredible coffee is a testament to the passion, drive and vision of our friend, longstanding Chairman, Daniel Mwago. The 80-year-old told us that the well-being of the farmer plays a vital role in producing their coffee:

“Most of our farmers go home feeling happy, and you can see the happiness in their family” said Mwago. “This is what I call wealth. Wealth is not just having a car, wealth is having a beautiful life in which you are happy in the community”

Enjoy this example of fresh Kenyan coffee tasting at its peak. It not only tastes delicious but is also doing a huge amount of good in the world. It is available in both an Espresso Roast and Filter Roast.