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"Birdcage Altona Cafe, Melbourne, VIC"
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Birdcage Altona Cafe, Melbourne, VIC

What’s it like working with Campos?

Campos are so easy to work with and have been from the beginning! They offer so much support and have allowed us to grow to what we are today. The training they provide can be adjusted to any level of barista and everyone that we have sent there no matter how experienced, have always come back having learnt something new.

How long have you been with Campos?

2.5 years.

How does Campos compare to other coffee companies you’ve worked with?

There is no comparison. The standard and consistency that is upheld by Campos is second to none. I have not worked with another coffee company that prides themselves on this as much as Campos do. I believe that is why they have been so successful and will only continue to grow in the future.

What have you learnt about coffee?

Campos have taught us so much about speciality coffee. We have been taught a number of different ways to brew coffee, from espresso to filter and even cold brew. Campos has always made sure we have had the latest equipment and training so we are able to get the diverse and complex flavours out of their beans using these different methods.

What do customers say about the coffees you make?

I can say without a doubt that not one day would pass by where we don’t receive positive feedback. ‘The best coffee I’ve ever had’ ‘Perfect!’ ‘I will be back.’ We are continuously building up our ‘regulars’ on a weekly basis so that says it all!