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Kafe Krave, Brisbane, QLD

What’s it like working with Campos?

Working with Campos is one of the easiest things I have had to deal with since opening my business. They are the ultimate professional company. They are driven to guarantee that their customers are producing the best possible coffee around day in day out. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that my job is as easy and stress free as possible. They work with us not just as a coffee roaster, but covering all areas involved to ensure that we serve only the best quality coffee consistently to build a successful business. They provide all of the quality coffee, equipment, service and support you need, so as a business owner and barista are able to perfect the art of coffee making. Campos has a team of coffee Trainers and experts who work with you on and offsite to ensure we are always producing consistently the best coffee.

To me Campos is just such a well set up business, with a strong business model, organisational structure and support, supplying what I believe to be the best beans in the country to ensure that everyone is serving the best and consistent coffee to the paying customer day to day.

How long have you been with Campos?

I have been working with Campos now for just under 5 years and has been just an absolute pleasure to do business with them. The most professional company out of all of my suppliers and the by far the least stress to deal with because there isn’t any.

How has your business grown since working with Campos?

From when I initially opened my café just under 5 years ago until now my business growth has more than tripled. The café I took over 5 years ago was using Merlo coffee and was selling 24 kilos of coffee a week. I changed suppliers to Campos and we do 70 to 90 kilos a week consistently and have reached the 100kg mark on occasion. This is due to how good the coffee is and I have been able to grow other areas of the business such as breakfast etc. As people have come in for the coffee and seen how good our breakfasts and other goodies are that we offer. I now have a well established café with great food, drinks and other goodies. I am looking at other avenues now and this is all due to having such a strong brand and support delivering the best quality coffee around from Campos that has got me here. As the coffee got us into a strong position to begin with.

What do customers say about the coffees you make?

We receive compliments everyday. “Best coffee in Brisbane”, “best coffee ever”. Compliment after compliment comparing us to all other cafes in the area. Best coffee by far and we have 35 other cafes in a 2km radius now. People drive past other cafes just to get our coffee and if we close on public holidays I get abused in a banter type style because they couldn’t have their coffee fix from us so that says it all!

What have you learnt about coffee?

I have been in the coffee industry 22 years and have always been passionate about my coffee. Coming from Wellington, New Zealand where there is a great little coffee culture with many independent roasters. I found it hard to get a good coffee in Brisbane when I arrived in 2004.

I then stumbled across Campos coffee in Wandoo Street one morning when going out for breakfast. I went back repeatedly for the coffee and found that it was the only good place I could find in Brisbane at the time. I decided I wanted to enter the café scene again and opened my café. I approached them and now because of that decision I have a very successful café in Brisbane. Making coffee isn’t just about grinding beans and heating up milk. There are so many factors such as quality of beans, the roasting processes used, tasting and cupping of samples to ensure consistency, training and networking support for the product, and most of all having the knowledge passed on to ensure you know what the coffee should look, smell and taste like.