Case Study - Two Govenors, Sydney, NSW - Campos Coffee

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"Two Govenors, Sydney, NSW"
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Two Govenors, Sydney, NSW

What’s it like working with Campos?

Campos is an extremely exciting and reliable and forward thinking brand. We love working with Campos. The consistency in coffee as well as customer service we get from the entire team involved is exceptional. 

How long have you been with Campos?

Just under 2 years, we have had Campos from the get go.

How has your business grown since working with Campos? 

Due to the popularity and consistency of the Campos brand, we have grown increasingly since opening. We have been very lucky to work with Campos, as it brings a lot of people through our doors. 

What do customers say about the coffees you make? 

Customers say that our coffee is always consistent to how a Campos coffee should be. They expect a certain product, and we make sure we deliver on that expectation.

What have you learnt about coffee? 

We have learnt that there is always something more to learn. The team here are always looking for ways to ensure we keep our guests and team excited, but also maintain the quality and consistency of all that we provide. Campos attention to details and training helped us achieved just that quite easily.