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"R Coffee Co, Picton, NSW"
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R Coffee Co, Picton, NSW

What’s it like working with Campos?

Fantastic relationship. I’ve said for a long time, Campos is the gold standard of all accounts. Service, passion, knowledge, ethics, mutual respect. Having a network of coffee professional that support our business and also push us to improve is invaluable.

How long have you been with Campos?

7 years.

How has your business grown since working with Campos?

Our customers know we do not compromise on our ingredients and standards. The nicest thing is when customers judge other people who DON’T drink our coffee

What have you learnt about coffee?

It’s safe to say, I’ve learnt coffee is so much more then caffeine in the morning. The picture is so much bigger then a cappuccino. It’s a farmer growing and caring for something very precise, Campos getting those beans from the source in the most ethical and respectful way, and it’s our duty to respect that process with every cup we sell.